Thursday, October 18, 2012


Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh alias Poko is the trending topic on the web at the moment. Reason, she just dropped two new singles and all hell has broken lose.
The songs are entitled “Hi” and “Itz Ova” which features dancehall act, Snypa.
We do not have any opinion on the songs yet but what we have gathered, it seems they are basically below current musical standards and all Nigerians have either through their twitter, facebook pages, Blackberry Statuses and so on, had their say.
Here is a cross section of what we saw people tweet at Tonto’s twitter handle, @Tontolet, some of which she, displaying a very expansive sense of humour, retweeted herself:

·         An advice 2 @Tontolet (tonto dikeh), please don't sing again....jes act porn
·         I do nt blame u,u were jst considerin ur options like jlo...i blame d producer nd director dat did nt tell u 2 stop @Tontolet
·         Shud jis Try to reduce that rate of usage of auto tunez nex time!!!!
·         After Listening to Tonto Dikeh 's Music, there is a 98% possibility that you might slam your Phone on the Wall.
·         Landlord evicts tenant for playing Tonto Dikeh's song in Ibadan
·         Mrs. Idiat Alao lost her foetus through miscarriage. Tonto Dikeh's song was being played at the hospital reception
·         That awkward moment when a Dj plays TONTO DIKEH's song at a Funeral &the dead person wakes up to change the track.
·         I tried downloading Tonto Dikeh's song but my phone rejected it. My blackberry is truly a smartphone."
·         Sule was previously in a coma for 5 months!! Upon hearing Tonto Dikeh's song,he got up & smashed the radio to bits!!
·         Tonto dikeh's song killed 6 times as many people today than the number of people who died on 9/11
·         I just used Tonto Dikeh's song as my ring tone on my Nokia phone and when Iturned it on, the 2 hands just refused to shake
Tontoh had earlier announced the release of her songs and even that announcement had received its own disproportionate share of insults and invectives.
Her first foray into music was her feature on singer cum producer, Kas’, Iyawo Wind, last year. She is signed on to Kas’ Kas Beats Entertainment.
Tonto who is known for giving back to fans, gave out about 33 pieces of recharge cards to fans on twitter in October 2011. She also offered the sum of N1m to anyone who could tell the meaning of her nickname 'Poko'.
Earlier in March, the Petro-Chemical graduate of Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUTH) treated two fans to a dinner at Four Point by Sheraton Hotel, Lagos and donated N1m to Funmi Lawal who was diagnosed with malignant sacorma.

You can download the songs here:

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