Thursday, October 18, 2012


Last week an audio clip of a conversation between former Mo’ Hits now Mavin Records artist, Dr Sid and HKN’s Davido leaked. In the conversation, Dr Sid is heard arguing with a number of people (Kamal, Dbanj’s associate known as Evil, Godfather, Davido and B-Red) but in the audible parts of the obviously edited tape, he complains bitterly about D’banj and blames him for the lull in his career.
Why don’t they know my name? Because your brand (D’banj) and star is too much it is overshadowing,” Sid says heatedly.

Guy, it’s not that, D’banj can help anybody…If not for D’banj nobody would have looked at Wande, guy I dey lie? Men, I don’t know,” Davido counters.

“Batman and Robin, who dem dey call? Na D’banj nah. D’banj did more negative than positive for my career,” Dr Sid says at the end of the audio.

It immediately prompted a lot of debate and mixed reactions from the entertainment industry and, of course, a backlash from the fans of D’banj and Dr Sid felt the need to straighten up issues. He manned up to having said the things attributed to him in the audio and defiantly addresses them.
Using his twitter handle, @IamDrSID, he said:

 Hi tweeps hope everyone is having a good day? Please permit me to address the issue of the recording that was released this weekend.

I had a PRIVATE conversation with people I trusted (Kamal, Dbanjs' associate Evil, Godfather, Davido, B-Red)......

I'm entitled to my opinion and its unfortunate that this happened…

Sadly, someone chose to record this private conversation and release it to the public......
However, this has taught me a valuable lesson on who to and not to speak with, but life must goes on...
We hope has really learnt his lessons and also, everyone please mind who you hold a private conversation with because it might not be that private. We await the next part of this saga ‘cos this doesn’t sound like the end yet.

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