Saturday, September 15, 2012


While in school, I loved John Dryden, Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope and by extension the bunch of the Restoration poets whose wit and humour really got to me. They thrived on satire and parody and turned sarcasm into a veritable art form that even my head which usually refused to cram anything memorised some lines that last till this day.
In recent times, I have always loved reading The Fifth Official on ESPN where the writer always takes a semi-cursory, humour-laden look at the soccer events of the past week. I might never rise to the stature of Pope and Dryden or The Fifth Official but there’s no harm in trying to imitate them.
I’m an entertainment journalist with special emphasis on music and here’s my own humorous sighting of last week’s events. I will try to make this as regular as possible if you like it…