Monday, October 29, 2012

K-Solo Denies Wife's Baby

Last Friday, Kikelomo, the wife of music producer, K-Solo was delivered of a beautiful baby boy and this would have been a congratulatory message to the couple.
But as we have recently come to expect from such quarters, nothing is as good or as bad as it seems as the case maybe. This is actually the beginning of the latest saga of the long-running family opera involving these two because K-Solo has immediately denied fathering the baby.
To welcome the new baby, he posted this statement on his Facebook page:

We as K-Solo's Management think it should be official and professional for all media blogs and sites to confirm information of our client, K-SOLO before publishing. The baby deliverer has a name, and not to be tagged as K-Solo's Wife in any sort of claims or otherwise. If there is any news of such, pictures of K-Solo and the Baby, it will be officially released and will be delivered rightly. K-Solo's Management.
It is a rather disappointing reaction to such good news. We sought to know the cause of this because just a week ago, after denying getting engaged to another woman, K-Solo had revealed that his wife was about putting to bed. So why this now?
“The baby is not mine,” he repeated. “I don’t know when or where the baby was born. It was on the internet, I heard the news like everyone else.”
A text message we obtained and purportedly sent by Kikelomo to K-Solo after giving birth to the baby read:
“”Sorry we neva ad any baby together. Moreover, am sure Bimbo shud b able to giv u d one she was unable to giv u for 7yrs. And less i forget, ur eyes and dat of ur family wud not behold nor carry my child cuz u already denied d pregnancy. Ds pregnancy does not know Oyeniyi family and can neva be an Oyeniyi member. God forbid ! So go bak and tell ur people. If u know wat is gud for u, stay off me, my baby and my family. I regret knowin u and ur family and i cause d day i met u. Good riddance to bad rubbish.”
The story began in June with pictures of a battered Kikelomo accompanying a story of domestic violence. It was followed by the story of everything being an act and even a video to back it up. Then came the story of the engagement to another woman followed by the usual denial.
This, again, will not be the end of the story. 

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