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Friday, December 23, 2011 was the day the Afrotastic diva, Muma Gee and her boo, Prince Oluebube Eke, were solemnized in Holy Matrimony at The Recovery House, located on 36 Stadium Road, Port Harcourt wore a celebratory look on the morning of Friday, December 23, 2011.

THE BRIDE AND GROOM The husband and his Bestman, another Nollywood actor, Tammy Opusunju, accompanied by the Pageboy, arrived the church in a horse-drawn carriage. They were dressed in a way I would simply allow you to describe yourself. They waited for almost an hour before Muma and her train also got to the church. Muma was dressed in the traditional white wedding gown but with some modifications that would only suit a diva of her tastes. You can also describe it yourself.
Muma was led into the church by her eldest brother, Mr. Anthony Ukachukwu Uwame who stood in for her late father. But her mother, Mrs. Nancy Ukachukwu Uwame, who is still quite sprite in spite of her age was joyfully present.

THE FINAL SPINSTER AND BACHELOR DANCES Muma’s first task after settling down in church was to read the first lesson. Then she was asked by the Reverend Ugochukwu Unachukwu to dance her final dance as a spinster before the congregation. Her family and chief Bridesmaid, Princess Carol Johnson, accompanied her in this. The husband’s turn for his final Bachelor dance immediately followed. His groomsmen and family members helped him out.

NO CHANCE FOR ANY IMPEDIMENT The Reverend then invited the couple to the altar together for the exchange of vows. He declared that anyone who still had a reason why the couple shouldn’t be wedded should bottle it up as the church had already granted a full month for that person to come forward and that it was only a devilish person who would try to disrupt the wedding at that point with a negative revelation.

BOBO OKU AND BABY OKU The pastor then blessed the rings and empowered it to protect the marriage. The husband took his vow first and when the pastor requested him to address his wife with his special pet name for her, he called her Baby Oku which literally translates to Hot Baby. Muma also addressed her husband as Bobo Oku (Hot Bobo) to the admiration and cheer of the audience. The pastor and the congregation then took turns to pray for the couple. The bride’s father then specially prayed for her while the groom’s father who is also late was represented by his eldest brother, Eze Vitalis Eke, and he prayed for the success of his brother’s marriage. The signing of the Marriage Register followed.

KISS UNTIL YOU ARE ORDERED TO STOP “You may kiss your bride” followed and the pastor asked the couple to kiss till he orders them to stop. They obeyed this to the letter and the husband could be seen licking his lips when they finally stopped. The exhortation came after this before the service finally came to an end.

THE RECEPTION The party immediately moved over to the Civic Centre on Moscow Road. A very large tent in the premises had been decorated in Red and White colours and the caterers were fully ready and eager to serve. But the Photo had to come first and once that was taken care of, everyone trooped into the hall.
The couple and their train then danced into the hall as the DJ took over. It took quite a while for this to be done as the couple refused to be out-danced by one another.
The toast then followed immediately. It was proposed by the Bestman, Tammy Opusunju.
The couple then cut their cake to the spelling of G.E.E.K.L.I.P.S. Geeklips is a combination Gee from Muma and Eklips which is the husband’s moniker. It is also the name of their company which would handle a number of entertainment needs as from 2012.

THE PERFORMANCE Everyone knows that Muma is a musician but not many know that her husband along with acting also sings. Both of them took to the flow to perform an already recorded collabo entitled “Wedding Day.” It was one of the highest points of the event as they did justice to the song even though it’s theirs.
The band continued after this as the photographers had a field day selling different pictures of the couple taken at various points of the event.

Muma and her husband met on Sunday, June 13, 2010 at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (Victory Chapel) in Magodo GRA during the Thanksgiving service of her friend Emeka Ike who had then won the Celebrity Gulder Ultimate Search which Muma also took part in.
Emeka Ike who is happily married with three boys wanted to fully put down the rumours that sprang up about him and Muma by introducing her to his church and family. He then used the opportunity to hook her up with his friend Prince Eke who had flown in from Enugu to grace the occasion. That was their first ever meeting.
When they got back to Emeka’s house Prince requested for an audience with Muma after Emeka had already warned her about his marriage intentions. He proposed there and then to Muma’s utter confoundment. But she got to realize that Prince was dead serious and that was how it started though Muma didn’t accept that day. But apart from the few periods that Prince have been away shooting or when Muma is away on a show, they have been together ever since that first meeting at Emeka Ike’s house.


  1. Really happy for Muma,they is time for everythx,God Bless this union..congratulations once more.

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