Tuesday, March 8, 2011


By now everybody must have watched the ‘Mr. Endowed’ (remix) video. What did you see?

Towards the end of last year the story that D’ banj has recorded a remix of his song, ‘Mr. Endowed,’ with the one and only Snoop Doggy Dogg was everywhere. Many saw it a very big step in the right direction by a Nigerian artist while others dismissed it as a mere publicity ploy when after some time there was nothing forthcoming.

At the turn of the year, the story that they had gone for the video shoot came and this time they substantiated it with pictures. The video duly followed and after having watched it for a while now, a lot of people have made up their minds about it and others are still to decide in what direction the development would take Nigerian music.

What is quite obvious is that it is a welcome development to do a ‘collabo’ with an internationally recognized artist but the intention is confusing.’ Is it to show off access to an international artist or to harness the unique musical and artistic talents of both acts to create a universally acceptable sound and video?

The video, even though of excellent visual quality, seems to only be celebrating the importance of Snoop’s presence. You see D’ banj and Don Jazzy looking every inch of nephews to their ‘Uncle Snoop’ and the fact that Snoop is quite taller than them both only accentuates this in the video. The relative creativity exhibited by director Sesan in the original version of the song is jettisoned for the presence of Snoop and the‘endowment’ of his ‘house.’ *Observe the rest of the Mo’ Hits family crew in different parts of the house.

D’ banj and the Mo’ Hits are not the first to do a ‘collabo’ with an international act. Among others, 2face has recorded with R. Kelly and Wyclef Jean, Star Quest winners, The Pulse, have done same with Busta Rhymes and Clarence Peters even shot the video.

What is noticeable from the goings on so far is that the Mo’ Hits are still trying to find a selling point for D’ banj’s new album and the idea of international ‘collabos’ seem to be the most appealing to them. Lately there is the story of more ‘collabos’ with the likes of Kanye West, Beyonce and Jay Z. If they happen, then the Mo’ Hits family tree would be accordingly proliferated as they uncle-nephew relationship would be automatically triggered.

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  1. True talk and perfect description of how the video was depicted. Both Don Jazzy and D'Banj made themselves look in consequential in the video as evn their body language suggested inferior status to 'Huncle' Snoop.

    However, it's a land mark achievement for Nigerian music as we can now be looked upon as International acts.


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