Sunday, March 6, 2011


The group SIGNATURE is made up of three young men – Uchenna Uchegbu, David Ovia and Nwabueze Paschal Amaechi. Uchenna, aka U.C, who hails from Abia State, is a model; David (Davo D) is a music producer and comes from Bayelsa while Nwabueze, popularly called St. Don is a Creative Arts Student at the University of Lagos from Imo State.

They started out in 2002 as a group of eight with the stage name, PARADISE LARGE, but four of them left after just one year due to parental pressures to concentrate on their studies. The remaining four then continued as FAITH IN ONE but another two left in 2002 and the remaining two didn’t want to continue like that and were able to get a third member on board and then changed their name to DTU-an acronym of the initials of their names.

It was as DTU that the music actually started coming forth. They first recorded “We Need Love” with Cobhams in 2005 but were unable to give it the required promotion due to financial constraints. A few more tracks including “Can’t Give Up Believing” and “Emijojo” followed but never really saw the light of the day. In 2006, another member left the group but two more joined to make them four again and their name changed to D’ Flud. Again, one more left after some time and the remaining three swore never to leave again no matter the challenges. They put this in writing and signed on it and thus came the name Signature.

Currently, Signature has three songs and one remix on air. One is “Dream Girl” and its remix, then “African Beauty” featuring Don Kally and “Ntefo.” “African Beauty” and “Ntefo” were produced by K-Solo while “Dream Girl” and its remix were by Edmund Benson, aka Theory Sound. Their debut album which would contain 11 tracks is also taking shape. It would be entitled JUST BEING ME and would feature the likes of M.I, Timaya, Mallam Spicey, and the Mamuzee Twins who they have worked as backup singers for.

“Ntefo” which is their first video comes from Efik. It literally means “Have You” and the chorus asks “Have you created someone before, how can you open your mouth and call me ugly when I didn’t create myself? The video was shot at locations in Abeokuta and directed by Akin Alabi.

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