Sunday, July 17, 2011


Petite Gospel singer, Nikki Laoye, is flushed with embarrassing joy. Reason: Her beau swept her off her feet on Sunday, June 26, during a lunch date at the popular eatery by publicly going down on his knees and ‘demanding’ for her hand in marriage. She couldn’t just refuse that and since then all her profile pictures on all the social networks have changed to the picture here or something like it.
Her FACEBOOK status read: ‘and the dude done did it. June 26 is the day I will never forget. Was the headlining artiste at ONE MIC NAIJA and became d headline topic in d best proposal ever. Share my joy. LORD I thank u. U have finally DID IT. Yaay!’ She also told me that she was overwhelmed. ‘I will never forget this day in my life! It ranks right up there among the happiest days of my life and I thank God. I don’t know about marriage plans yet, I am just happy to be engaged now.’
Nikki’s fiancĂ©, Alex, is a fair young man from Abia State who has been her confidante for six months now. He drafted his proposal letter on the blog: and directed Nikki to it on the pretext that there’s a story on her there. By the time she got to the last line which read: ‘Oyenike Samantha (Sammie) Phoebe Helen Funmilayo Nikki Laoye Will You Marry Me?’ He was already on his knees in the public glare of the ever busy Ikoyi Chicken Republic. An eye witness account stated that Nikki immediately burst into tears before the other ‘eaters’ understood what was happening and it took her about ten minutes to recollect herself and say YES!
Her first album, ANGEL FOR LIFE, came out in 2009 and after a stellar performance at the 2009 Hip Hop World Awards in Abuja announced her to the Nigerian music community; her star has been on the rise even though she has maintained the gospel in her tunes. She is presently working on her second album.

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