Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Conflicting and confusing reports coming in from Abuja has it that Mister Incredible, M.I, the premier artist of CHOCOLATE CITY MUSIC has thrown the rank and file of the record label into confusion by announcing that he wants to pursue a career in the movies. 

As it is now, he may already even taken part in a film production because we immediately called him to confirm and this is what he said: “I think it’s about time for me to try something else and acting is something I’ve always had a passion for and I think it’s time for me to explore that area. I know my fans will love my new movie coming out and although this may not be final, I will no longer be doing music for the time being.”

As far-fetched as this may sound for a rapper who quickly rose to the top of Nigerian music scene with just one album in the space of one year, close sources to CHOCOLATE CITY MUSIC where he and his brother Jesse Jags and Ice Prince are signed on are saying that M.I actually put this request in writing. A call to Mr. Audu Maikori, the head honcho of the Abuja-based label, didn’t fully clear the air because while he didn’t outrightly dismiss the story he admitted that M.I has actually requested that the November release date for his sophomore album, M.I 2, be shifted indefinitely for the meantime. Further questions as to whether M.I would be fully quitting the label went unreplied.

M.I who first came to limelight in 2008 with the release of his debut album, TALK ABOUT IT, has been on top of his game and emerged as arguably the best rapper in the country. He is also the highest ranking Nigerian rapper in the recently released MNET AFRICA list of the ten best African rappers. He is widely respected in the Nigerian music industry and legend has it that TALK ABOUT IT sold 30 000 copies in the first 30 minutes of its release in 2008. He has also won numerous awards with it.

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